Our Story

This is a story of two entrepreneurial spirits coming together in a whimsically creative communion.  I, Victoria have always embraced adventure in all aspects of life and my history is a testament to the way I have and still do embrace life.  Of the many hats I have worn, bringing my art to life as a fashion line is by far the most fulfilling and exciting.  But by far the smartest thing I have ever done is making Jordan who also happens to be my nephew, my business partner, it was one of those light bulb moments when history is made. He is by far one of the most enthusiastic and innovative young men I've had the pleasure of working with.  It is most fortunate for the two of us that the universe seized the moment and brought us together at this time.  It is the collaboration of both of our energies and visions that makes our clothing and accessory line so relevant to the times we live in.  Enjoy and join in on the adventure.