My Primal Living Experience

What is primal living?


Fitness was once about exercises, machines, supplements and low fat diets.  Nowadays, we are encouraged to eat organic and exercise using our own body weight. Sometimes the high tech method of trying to lose weight just doesn’t work. Returning to our roots is what primal living is all about. To help stimulate primal living we must interact with each other, embrace nature, manage our sleep and most of all reconstruct the way we eat.


Now that doesn’t mean we are going to start searching for fruits and vegetables, nor are we going to start hunting for game to consume. Nope, not at all. All it asks is that you do your best to create a lifestyle the way humans were designed to connect with each other. Below I've listed the top rules I use in my day-to-day life to build the strongest, leanest, and healthiest body possible.

  • Eat nutrient dense food that fill my body. For instance, I like to eat salmon, eggs, and occasionally sweet potatoes.
  • Be optimistic and enjoy the outdoors. For example, I like to ride my bike to clear my mind and get a breath of fresh air.
  • Lift things that cause you to exhaust muscle. Intense muscle contractions generate a slight increase in growth hormone and a reduction in myostatin gene expression. This results in an increase in muscle size and strength.
  • Avoid poisonous relationships and vibrations. What I mean by this is you have the ability to control the information you intake, the people you’re around, and your overall mental state. As an example, I try not to let negativity or pessimistic energy effect my mood or day.
  • Get lots of sleep. Our lives are filled with school, work, gym, yoga, managing relationships etc. It is very important to give our bodies time to rejuvenate.


This is a very short list of disciplines that I believe allow me to reconnect with our ancestors and I think they can help you too. Have fun while doing it, enjoy every aspect of the challenge, stay optimistic and work on becoming the best you

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