How Yoga Helps With Anxiety And Mental Health Conditions

Yoga is a psychology as the whole process helps one work with the nature of mind, of being a human being, how emotions live in one’s body, how they affect behavior as well as minds. As an exercise, it has been linked to many benefits such as improvement of behavior, mood as well as mindfulness. In addition, yoga has also been known to help some mental issues such as depression and anxiety through the different techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and prayer.

How Exactly Does It Happen?

One may ask how just holding one position does and breathing aid in improving anxiety and mental issues? When one is shifting their body postures from one to another and aligning it to another pose the starts breathing deeply, the body naturally begins to release biochemical arousal as well as tension to calm and relaxation. As one gets to turn off arousing nerve chemicals i.e. adrenaline, the body naturally stops dumping sugar and fatty acids into the blood stream for motor energy, muscle and return, the state of biochemical relaxation tends to restore blood acidity and alkalinity balance and reduces the motor activity, blood pressure and heart rate. This then moves the body from a flight or fight mode to a rest and digest.

Nevertheless, these practices also help in the release of a chemical known as gamma-amino-butyric acid/GABA which is a chemical that tends to help in the regulation of nerve activity and is especially relevant for people suffering from anxiety disorders.

In addition, due to the fact that it helps one be at peace with self, one is able to actually deal with some mental issues by learning to accept themselves as they are since yoga teaches one to discover their true self and embrace it. In addition, yoga helps develop coping skills and have a more positive outlook towards life. This goes a long way because it also affects positively how one relates with their environment including people.







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