1. Shiver away your fear.

It works. While shaking, try not to think of all your worries and uncertainties. In your mind, repeat these two simple declarations over and over: "It's OK," and "Everything will be fine."

       2. Avoid piling up of worries.

One of the ways we get stunned is by entertaining thoughts about everything at once. Try to concentrate on one concern, and think it all the way through. This mental exercise can be very relaxing because it requires that you slow down your thoughts and shape them in a linear fashion.

      3.  Make a detailed task list.

Having a list of to-dos is a decent way to break a problem down into less significant, easier tasks that can be more easily carried out when tackled individually. Create a list of what needs to be done and attend to a single thing at a time.

     4. Don't do it alone.

Any overwhelming state of affairs becomes less so, when you delegate, ask for assistance. If a task really does call for your brain and your skills, you can still make it easier by requesting a friend or colleague to help you with a less challenging aspect of your work or life — one that's taking your exquisite time and energy from the more difficult problem. 

     5. Be kind to yourself

Single-mindedly interrupt those critical thoughts about what you didn't do well and profligate yourself with appreciation about what you did do. Constantly remind yourself that you're doing the best you can, or that you did the best you could at the time. 

       6. Get into the now

When you feel dreadful and worried, do something that gives you a break and brings you into the now. Close your eyes and concentrate on taking some deep breaths. Grab a few minutes during the course of your stressful day to step back from the devastating workload or problems and do something to rejuvenate yourself. Put water on your face. Do some jumping jacks. Walk around the block. Or take a 15-minute siesta.

Author: Stacy Claire

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