5 Benefits of Hot Yoga

5 Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is slightly different from regular yoga. It is performed in hot and humid conditions, making it a bit easier and more benefiting.

Hot yoga brings a never ending list of benefits. Although, it seems tough, but with regular yoga classes and proper yoga poses it becomes easier. Your slight effort can bring results which will make you proud of yourself.

  1. More heat, more detoxification: Since it is hot yoga therefore temperature is increased to 105 degrees. Higher temperature causes more sweating. The more you sweat, the more toxins you eliminate. In order to detoxify your body, you must drink a lot of water. At the time of hot yoga, when you sweat, you automatically get rid of toxins. Since, skin is the largest organ of our body, it allows maximum removal of toxins.       This is not all. During hot yoga, your vital organs get compressed. This causes the blood to first constrict and then flush out rapidly. By compressing the muscles, you remove obstacles which are built up and lead to injury, illness, fatigue or a disease.
  2. Balance strength and flexibility: Yoga poses are way easier to perform in hot yoga classes rather than the regular cold ones. Yoga offers you to balance your strength and flexibility. If you believe that you are not flexible or strong enough to start practicing a hot yoga then you are wrong. Even if you are neither strong nor flexible you can enter a yoga class and return with improvement. Hot yoga is all about giving your body strength and flexibility. Performing yoga poses in yoga classrooms make you efficient and strong. Don’t fall for the misconception that you must be strong and flexible “before” starting hot yoga. You actually become strong and flexible “after” hot yoga.
  3. Medicine for orthopedic problems: Hot yoga has been an effective medicine for problems related to bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. Yoga poses are so designed that they provide immense flexibility, making tendons and ligaments very strong. When a person practices hot yoga, the flow of synovial fluid towards the joints increase. The blood flow becomes smooth and provides oxygen to other muscles and allow smooth functioning. This helps in not only better movement, but also resists injuries and pains.
  4. Better posture in old age: You spend your entire life in working hard either a desk job or a straight stand-up job. When you keep your his posture for years, in old age, it finally bends giving you a stoop spine. Who doesn’t want to break stereotypes and look as good as in youth? With hota yoga, you keep performing poses which keeps your spine in an actively straight position. It is because of regular practice and better flow of blood towards the spinal cord and other muscles. Smooth blood flow allows you to have a good posture even in old age.
  5. Performance in other areas: Hot yoga gives you diverse benefits. It is not only about better posture and strength, but it enhances you to perform better in other areas of your life such as sports. When you discover your body weaknesses you overcome them and that makes you even better. You don’t go around holding your muscles or bones because of a slight kick or hit. You appear stronger than ever.

Still wondering about joining a yoga class for a regular hot yoga? Let all the worries fade because it is your strength and personality development we are talking about. Give it no other thought and get into your yoga pants. Show the best of yoga poses on yogamat. Impress yourself and your instructor too!

-VA Team 💜

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